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I just finished my physics and maths test today I went brilliant in

  1. Sep 6, 2011 #1
    I just finished my physics and maths test today.. I went brilliant in my physics, but I went bad in my math. The maths test was on statistics, probability, and a little on quadratic trinomials. (I'm in the top maths class and in year 9)

    I enjoy mathematics heaps, but don't enjoy statistics and probability. I was just wondering that since I went bad on my test (I got about a C) and dislike statistics, not so much probability (the teacher who made the test merged it a bit with the stats). I'm not worrying about it so much but is there much statistics and probability you have to do as an astrophysicist? I love astrophysics so much but I feel really guilty since I only got a B on my maths assignment and went bad on my test this term and I was aiming for an A this semester. I feel bad, know any reasons why I shouldn't be?

    thanks guys :)

    (I went well on my trinomials , I'm good with equations and such just not statistics and probability).
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    Re: Help

    we all make mistakes, learning from mistakes is what sets us apart
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    Re: Help

    Being able to deal with not being perfect is something extremely important - best to learn it from an early age.
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