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I made a change regarding my career plans

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    I made a change regarding my future plans...

    I've thought about doing medicine for a long time now, but i had serious doubts and concerns as i wanted something with more physics and maths (more of problem solving and puzzles) than chemistry and biology (memorisation) so im thinking of biomedical engineering.
    but i still do have some questions: 1.) how much physics and maths is there in biomedical engineering?
    2.) what's the demand on this kind of job and what's the average financial reward for such a job?

    thank you
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    bump it up
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    I am very happy that you took a positive step toward pursuing your genuine interests. :approve:
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    thanx a lot specially to u rho. im reading the syllabuses and it seems really intersting to me as it has lots of math (i hope i'll be studying calculus in these courses) and some physics too. i love the variety. just one more thing: whats the demand and ease of employment in these kinds of jobs? as well as financial rewards (just wanna know hehe)?

    and curious: thanx to you as your neutral feedback on medicinal career has broadened my view.
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    In America the situation for biomedical engineers is apparently not good. Schools are producing a lot of them and there are not a lot of positions in the biotech field that require a PhD most only require you to listen to the one PhD who works with you and be a chimpanzee. Good luck though.
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    then again thats how it is with most professions,,, at least in many eingineering fields
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