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I need feedback on a story I wrote

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    I am really a programmer, so my writing skills are limited.
    However, friends encouraged me, and I wrote this, but can't seem to get any feedback.

    Any feedback will be appreciated and favor will be returned.

    A humble newbie

    Jan Atle Ramsli
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    Have you tried any of the many online critique workshops? One of the best, I think, is Critique Circle.

    You have to critique others to have your own looked at, but they make it easy with their in-line templates.

    Another good one online is Critters.
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    I was going to critique it, but when I read it, I had no idea what I was looking at. I'm not a poetry or lyrical kind of guy, sorry.
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    You just did!

    That simply means that it sucks :)

    I'm on rewrite two now :)
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