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I Need Guidance in Becoming a Nuclear Physicist

  1. Sep 15, 2013 #1
    Hello PFers!
    I am currently a Junior in HighSchool and I am extremely interested in Nuclear Science. My mentality is to prepare for things in advance as soon as possible, so I would love to know some things that I can research and do that would give me a head start and basic understanding of the science behind, well, Nuclear Science! I'd appreciate any help from anyone, or if anyone is interested in becoming my mentor!

    Thank you all for these forums, and I look forward to reading your replies!
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    Do extremely well in undergrad, get into the best graduate school you can, and do lots of internships at places like national labs. Always be networking, do every task (even the boring ones) to the best of your ability) and treat everyone you meet along the way with respect.

    Also, keep a plan B open (like engineering or computer science).

    Best of luck to you! I didn't figure out what I wanted to do until Junior year of college, so you're ahead of the game.

    What sub-areas of nuclear science are you interested in?
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    Oh my, it seems as though I did not have my terminology right, I actually want to be a nuclear engineer. My main objective would be to research fission and help improve it for future generations.
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    Hi Alden,

    You'd be swimming against the tide but that is not necessarily a bad thing. Check out this website to get an idea of the types of classes you would take.

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    I recommend you start looking at studying basic physics through modern physics (no rush, just try and understand it the best you can) and work on mathematics of algebra/trigonometry through calculus and differential equations. That will provide a really good foundation for your course work (if you so choose to do a NE degree).
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