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  1. Xiothus

    Solve First Year Harmonic Motion Problem: Cylinder Rolling

    Thank you guys for taking the time to read this - I'm decently struggling with first year and need some tips on how to properly conceptualize problems and learn what the right approach is on certain problems. Have a wonderful day, again thank you for checking this post out!
  2. warhammer

    Other Need guidance please for purchasing a textbook on Math Physics

    (EDIT: I have also added 2 snippets of the syllabus of the entire Math Physics course in my curriculum as reference). I am currently in the 3rd Semester of my 3 year UG Physics degree from where the subject of Math Physics has been separately included. I need extensive guidance from someone...
  3. shivajikobardan

    Engineering I need guidance to choose my electives as computer engineering student

    How do I choose a good elective? I want something that gives me good marks as i am in final year 2nd semester. I want something that has good courses over the internet. I don’t want you to pick it up for me but in general just guide me about how to choose the elective? I will put only ones that...
  4. benorin

    A I need guidance please: what topic/math to study next

    I wanted to purchase a new math text to expand both my library and my knowledge. I transferred to UCSB College of Creative Studies (it is said to be a grad school for undergrads) as a math major and proceeded to take nothing but full quarter loads of every math class that looked interesting to...
  5. J

    Studying I need guidance about what to study in physics

    I'm a senior in high school and I'm in AP Physics C: Mechanics and AP Calculus AB. I am conflicted in deciding what to study in physics. I want to study relativity or quantum mechanics. If there is a course of action, textbook, website, or any other recommendations please leave a comment. Thank you.
  6. F

    Calculate resistance if the switch is closed 2 battery with different voltage

    Homework Statement before that, can you tell me about "current flow in this circuit" if : A. the switch is open B. the switch is closed the Question is No. 1 Calculate the resistance of R if the value of the current I in the figure is 0.50 A. ( i think it is related to no 2) no 2. Calculate...
  7. F

    Find electric Field at a point A

    Hi Guys, I've been learning electric field, and i want to ask about this question.EF net = EF1 + EF2 my EF1 = 9 x 109 * 4 x 10-8 / (0.6)2 = 1 x 103 (From Q1) EF2 = 9 x 109 * 2 x 10-8 / (0.3)2 = 2 x 103 (From Q2) then EFnet = (2+1) x 103 = 3 x 103 and what i get from key answer is 2.2 x 103...
  8. M

    31, "retired", interested in physics, need guidance.

    Hi everyone, Mark here from Poland (please excuse any grammar errors). I've spent the last 10 years building and running a business, and now at 31 I'm financially retired, in the sense that I never have to work for money again and have some money that I would like invest into something that...
  9. HaSnain145

    Engineering Need Guidance for choosing career

    Hi , I am 17 , Studying Engineering in Grade 12 ( last year of college ) , and ReaLLy confuse what to do next .Can somebody help
  10. A

    Physics Need guidance for my career (physics and astrophysics)

    Hello, I live in a developing country, I've lived in this town of my country since my childhood, and i was a type of loner who went to school and came home, not having any outside world experience that much or i could say my family didn't go to countryside or any other part of my country...
  11. O

    Need guidance on pneumatic motorcycle fuel system

    Hello, I'm a physics student at Michigan State and I started an applied physics club. One of our first major projects is converting a 4-stroke combustion engine into a pneumatic engine to drive a motorcycle. We completed the prototype using a 4.5 hp tecumseh 139cc motor, a 5lb CO2 tank, some...
  12. angel123

    Need guidance for higher study

    I am post graudate in Physics [Msc. Physics]...i want to study more in this field..Mphil or phd which is best option? is there any way to do phd without NET score in india? please help
  13. Tony Stark

    Calculating Area and Volume of a sphere through line element

    Homework Statement Flat space-time in polar coordinate is considered. The line element is ds2= -dt2+dr2+r2(dθ2+sin2θdΦ2) The actual answers are given below, but I can't come up to them. Need urgent help. Homework Equations dA = √g11g22 dx1 dx2 dV = √g11g22g33 dx1 dx2dx3 The Attempt at a...
  14. N

    Need guidance on using epoxy resin to fix floor issues?

    Hi guys, I recently got my hands dirty renovating my house. Learned a lot. I want to fix a floor in one room, want to try epoxy resin for this. Surprisingly, googling was less than satisfactory. Yes, I got it, many epoxy resins are wonderful and there are gazillions of them. That's not...
  15. D

    Need help calculating the heat of a wire wrapped

    Okay so before I get torn to shreds let me say I am coming to the gurus for knowledge because I am severely lacking in it. So here is what I am trying to do. I am trying to figure out how to control the temperature of a wire when coiled or wrapped around a small glass tube. I am using 32 gauge...
  16. K

    What Type of Thrusters Are Best for a Lightweight Aerial Descent Platform?

    i need to design a light weight platform(capable of carrying 60-100kg weight) with some kind of thrusters so that it can go down smoothly through air from about 5-10m of height to ground level. can anyone tell me what kind of thrusters i should use??
  17. S

    How to determine what electric motor to use. Need guidance please.

    Hello all! I'm an engineering student who is taking part in a group project to design and build a UAV to carry out surveillance in Greenland. Now my specific task is to sort out our means of propulsion and materials. The problem is up to now I have only learned about petrol propulsion systems...
  18. A

    Physics On my way to Ph.D in Physics Need guidance from non-academic physicists

    Hi all, I just finished my 4 years college with a B.S. in Physics from a reputed physics program. I came to college with a naive mindset about myself. I thought I want to become a theorist and get a tenure from somewhere. I have changed quite a bit after working in research as an undergrad...
  19. U

    Need guidance on Proof theory and Model theory

    Hi, I'm planning to start my Master programme this december. I am very interested in philosophy of logic. And i am inclined to read more proof theory rather than model theory. And i really wanted to engage in proof theory as my first reading materials towards mathematical logic area...
  20. L

    Hi all. Need guidance for some fundamentals physics

    Hi everyone. I am self studying for my GCE for the past 6 months now. I have been doing revision for a long time and did some question papers. I have a few problems and hope the people here can guide me. Thank you Problem 1. Homework Statement A 5.0kg mass is suspended from the ceiling. A...
  21. D

    Programs Need guidance about interdisciplinary degrees/programs

    Hello all, This is my first post here but I read these forums a lot as a lurker. I have a Bachelor's degree in Electronic Engineering and am currently pursuing master's in energy science and engineering from an interdisciplinary department. Based on the electives I have taken, I will be...
  22. T

    Need guidance to learn sciences. Extremely ignorant.

    Here is a brief description about what I'm looking for. I dropped out of high school 9th grade to be exact. Fast forward I am now at the community college and I start Calculus next semester. I am a math major and I feel confident in Algebra and Trigonometry. I have an easy time...
  23. K

    Need guidance - Inexperienced at Automotive Company

    Need guidance -- Inexperienced at Automotive Company... I am working in a reputed Automobile company. I am now in design optimization and localization team, to be more precise i am in door team. I am a fresher and joined two months back. I came to know that i don't have any design work like...
  24. ahmedo93

    I need guidance for my future, .

    My story: Hello, My name is Ahmed: Please excuse my grammatical mistakes, I am a 20 year old Kuwaiti, currently living in Kuwait and have a love for Science since my early childhood, When I was in High school, I have made many mistakes, one of them was that I did not complete High School...
  25. A

    Physics I Need Guidance in Becoming a Nuclear Physicist

    Hello PFers! I am currently a Junior in HighSchool and I am extremely interested in Nuclear Science. My mentality is to prepare for things in advance as soon as possible, so I would love to know some things that I can research and do that would give me a head start and basic...
  26. B

    Schools Need guidance as to what to do next, high school student

    Hello I am a grade 12 student looking to be a physicist. the school course is hardly satisfactory so I did a hell of a lot of self study, I'm wondering in which direction i should head next. I did high school physics in grade 9, calculus in grade 10, first yr uni physics g11, and intro to real...
  27. N

    Preparing for physics olympiad. Need Guidance

    iam starting 11th grade this year and i want to appear in IPHO for the next two years. I am pretty talented and i am aiming for two golds. i have about ten months for the qualifier in my country . i know all theory and i have a pretty good grasp . i have solved many problems from resnick...
  28. G

    Need Guidance: Area in between Polar Curves

    Homework Statement Find the area of the region that lies inside both of the circles r = 2sin(x) r = sin(x) + cos(x) Homework Equations A = (1/2)(int from a to b): r^2 dx (I apologize because I do not know how to make calculus look proper in text form) The Attempt at a Solution...
  29. C

    Need guidance on finding charge.

    Homework Statement System with 3 charged particles red, yellow, and blue. The blue and red have a positive charge, while the yellow has a negative charge. The blue particle lies at (0,0). The red charge lies at (d1,0). The Yellow charge lies at (d2cos(θ), -d2sin(θ)). The Fon blue is (0,-F)...
  30. A

    Need guidance - RF engineer/DSP engineer interview

    Please guide me how to prepare for interviews for the post of RF engineer and/or DSP engineer. I finished my masters in electrical engineering and am looking for a job in these two fields. Topics and concepts that I must prepare and also the practical skills one must possesses (I have...
  31. A

    Need guidance for learning electrical engineering and DDC panels

    Hello, I have just joined my family business, we assemble DDC panels and power supplies. While I pay more attention to business management in general, I also am sort of fascinated by electronic devices and such. Now, I have absolutley no knowledge about science or engineering and have forgotten...
  32. B

    Need guidance in thread design

    Hi all, I would like to know how to design a thread/screw to induce a specific stress on an object. What I have in numerical data is the stress itself that is required. The application is very similar to that of a threaded car jack. By turning the thread, it will lift up the load that was...
  33. R

    Need Guidance in a Chemistry Related Project

    Hello, I am a student with a chemistry project. However, I am not quite sure what I would like to do the project on. I am fairly ignorant when it comes the recent findings and happenings of the chemistry world. Some of my areas of interest would be biochemical, nuclear, and energy related...
  34. N

    Need guidance on where to start on the study of the variational principle

    I was experimenting with some physics and the mathematics started to get a bit tougher than what I'm used to. I had a professor who looked at what I'm doing, offered to guide me, and told me to do some research on the variational principle. At the moment, I am in Calculus II. I did a couple...
  35. M

    What are the career options for a BS in physics graduate looking for guidance?

    Hi guys, I'm kinda in a middle of career crisis here and I need your help. I know many of you are grown adults and perhaps many have also been through this sort crisis before. About me: 1) I recently graduated with a BS in physics from CUNY Brooklyn College (Not known for physics but this...
  36. L

    Need guidance finding the total energy expanded in acceleration

    Homework Statement this is the scenario A horizontal force of 80N acts on a mass of 6 Kg resting on a horizontal surface. The mass is initially at rest and covers a distance of 5m in 0.92s under the action of the force. Assuming there are no energy losses due to air resistance and...
  37. T

    Need guidance with Chemistry - energy related

    Hey guys, I'm really lost on this question...could somebody please point me in the right direction? Thanks!
  38. T

    I love physics but having second thoughts on becoming a physicist- Need guidance

    I started having an interest in physics when I was in grade 10 (or Year 11 for the UK). Back then, I considered myself "gifted" in physics. I spent time reading books on popular physics, and spent very little time studying at all for the school's physics materials, but I would always get top...
  39. T

    Need guidance: Energy/gass question

    Hi guys! I'm really lost on this one, I don't even now where to start. If somebody could please give me some guidance on how I should go about solving this problem, I would be very grateful! Question: Canada’s electrical consumption is typically 57,000 MW. If all the H2O(g) in the...
  40. W

    Rough semester. Little real world experience. Need guidance.

    Yo. I've had a rough semester. Things were actually looking up in the beginning. I am a sophomore mechanical engineering major and I was taking classes and doing well. I was especially enjoying thermo and nuclear engineering. I had even gotten my first job so that I could save up for a car...
  41. S

    Need guidance on types of stats or stat tests that can be done for simulation

    I will try to be brief, so please bear with me! I have a Matlab program which simulates a particle's movement over time in a certain ocean. The details of this implementation aren't really important, but basically I create about ~300 particles near each other and place them at a certain...
  42. R

    Schools Need guidance on CED evaluation for India university transcript

    I am from India. I am sending my degree mark sheets and certificates to CED for course by course evaluation to see if my 3 years Indian UG degree (BCA) is equivalent to that of US. (Ok probably the ans is no but an institution requires it) I have the following documents: 1) mark sheet of...
  43. S

    Need guidance on my proof of limit.

    Homework Statement Show that lim_{n\rightarrow +\infty} { (1 + 1/(2n))^n } = \sqrt{e}.Homework Equations I am allowed to assume * lim_{n\rightarrow +\infty} { (1 + 1/n )^n} = e. I am not allowed to use the theorem that asserts lim_{n\rightarrow n_0} {\sqrt{S_n}} = (lim_{n\rightarrow n_0}...
  44. G

    Need guidance for learning lattice Boltzmann

    Hello This term i must do a project for my advanced fluid mechanics course,in this project i must solve navier stokes equations in a cavity using lattice Boltzmann method,but the problem is i have no background in lattice Boltzmann,and i need some sources like some useful pdfs or textbooks...
  45. A

    The reallity of my future Need guidance

    Lately I have been contemplating the reallity of my past and how it might pose problems for the future life I wish to lead. I am 24 now and when I was 22 I had a condo. I made a poor decision and I grew pot in my house. I had this going for 4 years or so, never sold it, just a personal...
  46. C

    Engineering Need guidance on this circuit question using nodal analysis. Confused.

    http://i615.photobucket.com/albums/tt237/chaz0426/Problem2.jpg it asks to solve for V1 and V2 using nodal analysis however I'm not sure how to solve this particular one because there is a voltage source and a resistor between the reference node and V1and I'm not sure what to do. Here is what...
  47. C

    Engineering Superposition Circuits problem, need guidance and help

    Homework Statement http://i615.photobucket.com/albums/tt237/chaz0426/Superpositionproblem.jpg Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I know you have to analyze the circuit by turning off each independent current/voltage source and I've done several practice problems in my...
  48. J

    Fluid/Stream Que work shown need guidance

    Homework Statement A can is filled with water to a depth of 37cm. A hole 12 cm above the obttom of the can produces a stream that is directed at a 34 degree angle ave the horizontal. Find the range and max height of this stream. Homework Equations by kinetcs The Attempt at a Solution...
  49. F

    Confusing projectile motion problem - need guidance

    Confusing projectile motion problem -- need guidance Here is the picture of the diagram. The Question: A woman throws a ball at a vertical wall d = 3.6 m away. The ball is h = 1.8 m above ground when it leaves the woman's hand with an initial velocity of 16 m/s at 45°. When the ball hits the...
  50. A

    Need guidance on a simple wireless setup to transmit a number

    Goal: To transmit a number from one location to another without wires. For example, the number 20, and to transmit it from one place to another. I'm not worried about distance or anything specific like that right now, however I want to be able to change the number that is transmitted, and...