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Homework Help: I need Help one my one piece of homework in Physics

  1. Jul 2, 2014 #1
    you may act for an early morning walk. your may work 5m south and 12m east suppose you decided to walk further and go 4m south east and 6m west

    A.) how far are you from starting point and roughly in what direction?

    B.)Would you have gotten the same spot had you taken the steps in this order 12m east 4m southwest , 5m south , 6m west

    hope you can help me guys :D ... thank you ^_^
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    Perhaps this should be, "You go for an early morning walk. Your walk goes 5m south and 12m east of your starting point. Suppose you decided to walk further and go 4m southeast and 6m west after the first part of your walk."

    The best thing to do is draw the various parts of the walk on a piece of paper. It will be easier to keep track.
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    This can be done by writing vectors for each phase of the walk and adding the vectors or by thinking of the walk as creating a series of triangles.
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