Solving Plane Speed & Direction: A Physics Homework Help

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I am having a lot of trouble with my physics homework and any help would be great.

I thought I maybe had to subtract the wind from what I need to travel, but that didn't get me an answer that made any sense, plus I didn't know what to do with the angle. I looked in the book and couldn't find anything, but the chapter is called Vector Addition, so I am assuming at some point I am supposed to add vectors. Any help with how to solve this would be super helpful, please and thank you.

The Molko's fly from airport A to airport B. They need to travel 717 km/h, 2.64 degrees West of South. The wind is blowing east at 102 km/h. What speed and direction must the plane travel to get there?
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Start by drawing a diagram! You know the wind vector. The airspeed vector is unknown. But the two must add up to a groundspeed vector in the direction of airport B. If you can write that mathematically, you can solve it for the direction to aim the plane!

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