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I need some hints for my assignment please

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    I just need some guidelines, you don't have to write code for me, I'm not looking for someone to write code for me.
    briefly, for my assignment I have three ponds, which are connected with each other (like a triangle), and there's chemical spill of x liters that could start in pond 1, the rate of pollutant (chemical spill) in pond 1 is 0.125 li/min. at time t=0 all ponds will be at 0 pollutant, then it starts in pond 1, moves to pond 2, then to pond 3, then it keeps circulating, until they all reach a state of equilibrium.
    the program should simulate the flow and and level of pollutant in each pond on a min by min basis.
    I also have to use def functions

    again, I'm not asking you to write code, but just some baselines, or hints.
    I'm really desperate, so any help will be appreciated. Thank you.

    here's a link to my calculations: http://imgur.com/nZ36bwu
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    There are so many unknowns in your problem as stated that you would probably do better to consult a fairground fortune teller rather than try to do any calculations .

    If you want to attempt a realistic solution then start by defining some ponds and connecting ducts with plausible geometry and dimensions .

    Then identify what the driving mechanisms are going to be to make the pollutant spread from pond to pond .

    Ask any questions you like but try to make them specific rather than just general .
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