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I need tips on Calculus: Graphical Numerical Algebraic Workbook?

  1. Jul 4, 2006 #1
    Anyone got suggestions for an AP Calculus textbook?

    Hello, as the title says anyone have suggestions for a good, easy to understand textbook for AP Calculus???


    PS: This thingy below is what troubling me... our school has an sucky textbook for this course, so confusing.

    Hello again , i need help on buying something this time, our school used a book called Calculus: Graphical Numerical Algebraic the 2003 eddition, it's for AP calculus, and i found it to be hard...then i found out this book called "Calculus: Graphical Numerical Algebraic Workbook", i'm wondering if anyone has brought this before, is this the solutions to the questions in the text book? if it is then i really need to buy one.

    There's two places that sells them i wonder which one is the solutions to the book, since you can't see what's in the book with Amazon. (Could you?)



    Which one is the one that i need ?? They are expensive and long waitting... i don't wanna but the wrong one.

    Sorry, the Authors are : Finney, Demana, Waits, and Kennedy.

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