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I need to change careers at 31 years old.

  1. Dec 9, 2011 #1
    Since I was 14 I've been in the restaurant business. Even if I had another job I still worked part time in restaurants. I've worked for Morrimoto when he was the executive chef at POD, Mark Vettri, Chris Bellino and other big name chef's. It's really the only thing im actually qualified to do. Right now I'm managing a restaurant in a village of shops in south jersey which is a resort destination and extremely busy. I only make $17 an hour and work an average of 70+ hours a week.

    I'm begining to absolutely hate what I do. Ok not beginning I completely hate what I do. I have no desire to deal with drunks and get home from work at 5 AM and never have the chance to see my fiancee. On top of the the business itself just blows. It's a TON of work with no reward.

    That being said, I need to get into school to get qualified to do somethign besides this. I love training, and helping people out at the gym or anyone i meet with getting together a diet and exercise plan. I am thinking a physical therapy assistant would be something I would actually enjoy. And hopefully give me the time that I would need to become a Physical Therapist. I'm just not sure where to start because of my hours at work, I cant see having time to go to school to get started in a degree program.

    I have an appointment with a DO on tuesday and amd goign to see if I can pick his brain a bit but thought I'd ask here as well.

    Is there any positions in the medical field for someone with no experience, but 7 years of management experience where I could at least match my current salary?
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    Managing a restaurant (unless it's a chain with some structured hours) can be brutal. That said, your management experience should be valuable in another setting. Can you match your current wage? Perhaps not, but you have a shot at a new career.

    I'd gladly give up quite a bit of earnings to spend time with someone that I love. I didn't do that in the early 70's because the 70-80 hours per week with overtime was helping us build savings so we could afford to buy a place of our own. Anybody that knows restaurant management knows what you have been through, and if they need a hard worker for a critical position, you'll get a shot at that job.

    Best wishes and good luck. This job market is crappy, but you probably have the experience to land a good job that allows you more free time.
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    Being an assistant at some sort of physiotherapist's office is probably a long shot.

    I know this might sound weird but maybe you have an opportunity to start your own type of business. People are always looking to get into shape and if you can market yourself properly maybe you can snag enough personal training hours to make something of it.

    You do have management skills, and that means that you could potentially expand that business if the opportunity arises. A growing trend in North America is obesity there's no argument there, so that is reinforcement that there is also a growing market for this type of thing. If it worked out, no pun intended, then you could potentially have your own business, make your own hours, and a decent living doing something you enjoy.

    It is likely that getting your own business going is a risky manoeuvre right now, so maybe you'd like to try applying for a personal trainer position at a local gym to build up a customer base and a feel for the industry. Good luck!
  5. Dec 9, 2011 #4
    I'm going to see what it would take to get into a Program At Stockton College right around the corner from where I live. They have a 7 year BS/PHD program for Physical Therapy. At least Talking to the department head may give me an idea of what direction I need to go in. I think the combination of helping people and doing something I love will be the right move for me. And that being said, The salary here in south jersey, according to Monster.com, Is 40-50K for a PT assistant, and a PHD averaging 92K.

    The only problem I can see is money. My fiancee and I recently built a house. She is an RN at a local hospital and is looking into some entry level management positions there at the moment for me.

    Dacruick, I'd love to be a personal trainer for a living while I persue a degree but unfortunately there is no money in it. At one point I held 3 different training certifications and worked at a gym(I was in college) and made next to nothing. I have to have something where I can count on a paycheck every week.
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