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Engineering I need to choose an engineering track.

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    I'm nearing the end of my first year and registration for fall term is in two weeks. My problem is I don't really know what (branch, field, specialty? not sure what to call it) I want to pursue. When I choose my major I picked electrical engineering with a vague idea that I liked working with electronics. It's becoming clear that I need to pick a direction to focus on. I can't possibly take all the classes for the different types of engineering.

    I want to talk with some working engineers in different fields and ask about their job. I think it might be helpful to hear about what a typical day is like, the tasks they are given, and what they like or dislike about engineering now that they are in it. Also any hind sight that anyone would care to offer (I would rather learn from someone else's mistakes that make my own.)

    I've been reading threads on PF for a short while now and I can't think of a better way to get help than by asking here.
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    Does your school offer any survey of engineering course? Mine actually has a general survey and also each discipline's survey. For instance, the EE one at my school was pretty good, we would have speakers come in and talk about their fields. I immediately found out a couple of fields within EE that I have no desire to do.
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