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I need to find the exact specs of an object

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    Ok, I'm really fuzzy on math, so I forgota lot how to do this. I have a present , I'm hoping its a PSP game. I'm not going to open it, but I want to chea tanyway :) . Its probably disquised. Inside of the PSP's UMD case there is a mini disc. It is solid. However, when I flip the present from one end to another, it makes a *flop* sound.

    It may very well be dequised. The breadth seems exactly the same as the xbox AND the psp. And the length and width seems exactly that to an xbox game, unfortunately. One of the sides is white. Also, a new development. When you tilt it from side to side, it makes a *flop* sound. Like a UMD or something is going from one side to the another. Odd. I will take a biopsy soon..
    Here are the dimensions:
    2D dimensions:
    5 inches 5mm , ~5inch 1 cm(This one is more accurate) = breadth
    Length = ~7.5inch
    3D dimensions
    1.5 inch + 1 cm
    Volume =
    Or, more effectively,
    Where as l is the length, w is the width, and h, is the height.

    Well, I can't wait till christmas. And like I said earlier, my sleep schedule is off. So today I woked up at around 11:50 PM, and to my surprise there were presents out. I had 3. One was, (obviously) clothes, another one was a rectangular present (no clue) and the third one looked similiarly like a PSP game case. However, I noticed something odd. I told my parents that my number one thing that I wanted was GTA:LCS(Grand theft auto: Liberty city stories) for the PSP, for 50 dollars. I will be happy with whatever i get, however it is kind of odd.

    I compared it to a PSP game case. For some odd reason, it is wider, like a xbox game, but the breadth (width) is exactly that of a PSP game case.So I took a knife and poked a hole on the width (Sorry, I couldnt resist, heh) and it did not indent. The reason for indentation I thought, was because in the middle of the breadth of a PSP game case there is a gap where you open it, I didn't see this on it. However, it rattled when I shook it too, and it was wrapped in plastic. Also, notice the color, the sides of it were white, just like the PSP case. is the GTALCS case larger or something?

    Yeah I know im impatient, but its the only present I wanted and I dont think im getting it. Oh well, i got everyone else some nice presents. Christimas is about time with famly, and giving, :)

    I used a ruler to measure it. If I was just able to find out if its an xbox game or a PSP one I'd be happy. How are these game cases measured? In what units? Also, is the volume the 'third angle'? I'm sorry, I totally forgot all my geometry I took in high school, heh. (Just graduated). What I mean is, in a 2D plain you have the length and breadth (l + w), however, there is another angle. It is what gives objects 'depth' and therefore 3D space. Iforgot its name. Is it the cursive 'h'?. The GTALCS PSP game was my 1 number on my list, so I don't see why they would get me an xbox one Either way, I'd be happy. I just play portable games only, not console ones.

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    You can always grow up.

    Who cares what you got. You're lucky you're getting something.

    Stop taking things for granted.
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    wow!!!! is this your original?

    a mm. +_ in the dimesnsion, you will lose the hope??????mind of numbers. appreciate your ways of thinking. but comeon, eyes are faster.
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