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I thought yall might think this was cool A tool using Octopus

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    That's great. I loved watching the octopus carry the shell!

    OK, I thought about this a bit...I'm not a biologist so bare with me :smile:.

    Biologists have a fascination for animals using tools. I don't think they would say tool-using animals are "more advanced" though, since all living things are as advanced as they need to be to fit into their ecological niche. Yet tool use is seen as a mark of intelligence since it requires planning for the future.

    So why is tool use seen as a marker of intelligence, but something such nest-making is not? In making a nest, a bird forages for material, transports it, and then uses it in a fashion for which it was not intended. A chimp does the same thing when it strip twigs off of branches to use them to fish out termites How is that different?
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