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I want to refresh my Precalculus using James Stewart's book but I got a question

  1. Jan 27, 2012 #1
    Hello people,

    I want to refresh my Precalculus using James Stewart's book but I got a question about the exercises. I have bought the book and I will self study it. Do you think I should do all the exercises at the end of the chapters? How do you self study a book?

    I am waiting for your answers friends.

    Have a nice day!
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    If you want to practice, do examples...Read the text too, if you are unsure about why things work the way they do
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    Hello Travis_King thanks for the answer.
    I will definitely do the exercises but there are many of them. Is there a website which shows the most important exercises?
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    Just pick a few problems from each section, if you can do them easily, move on. If you struggle some, do more problems. Just do problems until you are comfortable.
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    I don't know about the pre-calc book, but with his calculus books I usually recommend skimming 1-5. These are usually general understanding questions that you should be able to know the answer to without doing calculations.

    Then look at the heading. His questions are usually broken up into different style questions with the "real" questions being the last 5 or 10. I would try one from each category and if they seem easy try one or two of the last few questions. The higher number questions will take a while, but you will get more out of them. HOWEVER, if you are struggling, they will just make you want to quit math.

    My only warning, don't do just the first 4 questions and assume you understand it all. In his calculus books, he does a very good job of making the problems progressively harder.

    edit: There is probably a student solution manual that will be very helpful if you have no help other than the book.
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    you "have" a question.
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