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I was browsing over my physics course work before going to bed,

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    I was browsing over my physics course work before going to bed, getting ready to take my midterm exam tomorrow, when it suddenly dawned on me:

    The universe exists.


    Holy ****! Wow. How ****ing crazy is that? I mean, yeah, all this time I've been deriving equations, trying to understand the principles behind how things work, and using the knowledge and information I've gained to solve problems. But there was always this sort of disconnect between the abstract concepts I was manipulating and the actual real physical universe that I exist in.

    And the funny thing about it is that all this time I thought I was amazed by the fact that -I- exist! :rofl:

    I am in tears. Just wanted to share a bit of my amazement with you folks here. Moments like these are truly the moments I live for.

    ...And I think I need to get to sleep now. :smile:
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    Re: Epiphany!

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    Re: Epiphany!

    I'd like to see your math.
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    Re: Epiphany!

    Please check the last date a post was made, this is the second time today that you have responded to an old, dead thread.
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