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Homework Help: Ideas for a Quick Physical Chemistry project

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    My professor asked us to think of ideas to do a quick computational project in physical chemistry (he says quick because there are only a few weeks of school left). I will be using the student edition of the Spartan P-Chem software. I really don't have any idea what I should do. I prefer something as closely related to physics as possible given that I am a Physics major. Maybe something related to energy levels, particle in a box, potential well stuff? I don't know. Ideas anyone?
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    Has no one ever used Spartan or something to do computational chemistry?
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    I'm not much help, but the computational chemistry write-up at wikipedia.org is interesting for me:


    Also, they have a pretty good list of topics in physical chemistry, including quantum chemistry. Do you see anything in the wikipedia lists that looks like a good candidate for your project?
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    Hmmm. Actually, I think that may have helped. The part where it relates it to solid state physics had a few links that kind of sparked my interest. Electron holes sounded good. I'll probably ask my professor about it so see if he can suggest something specific that I can do in a reasonable amount of time. Thanks!
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