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Ideas for product to help physically challenged

  1. Apr 3, 2008 #1
    We all know some one that has a medical condition that is physically challenged, or even have been ourself. A group of engineers part of The University of Mississippi's Design Division are trying to begin a project that can help benefit the physically challenged. The request is for ideas that would allow these people to participate in common activities such as work, sports, hobbies and even leisure activities. Please reply to this forum if you think you may have a design or idea that could benefit the physically challenged (ex. all terrain wheel chair, better design for crutches, etc.). Thanks for your time.
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    well DARPA and other companies are working on a mechanical exoskeleton that will sense the persons movements and mirror those movements without creating any resistance. it will make a person much much stronger and they can run around all day effortlessly. I read this in popular science magazine, they brought up this article because it is relevant to the Iron Man movie that is coming out.

    the japaneze already have an exoskeleton that nurses use to help them lift patients and different things. and i remember they did mention that this idea will be used to replace the wheel chair. it is still a developing technology though.

    the mechanical exoskeleton is the only idea that i can think of, right now, that would allow a physically disabled person to be involved in sports
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    Our neices and nephew are all blind (hereditary retinitis pigmentosa). If someome could come up with a cheap, pocket-size speaking OCR device, it would certainly make their lives easier. I know that the basic technology exists, but it's way out of their reach.
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