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Ideas to find a good end of degree project?

  1. Nov 1, 2016 #1

    I will finish my degree in Physics this year, and I have to present an end of degree project. I want to do it in the area of astrophysics, and I will apreciate some help with ideas of interesting subjects (accesibles for an undergrad student) to present to the proffesor who will guide my work.

    Thank you
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    What areas of astrophysics are you interested in and level of math have you had?

    As an example, if you had tensor analysis or general relativity then you could explore gravitation and black holes. If you have a programming background you might consider doing some astrophysics simulations in MATLAB or Python or Java.

    Some topic ideas include:
    - observational physics of telescopes using light or radio or infrared or gamma ray...
    - stellar structure, nuclear life cycle of stars
    - planetary moon systems like Saturn or Jupiter
    - exotic stars like neutron stars or black holes
    - physics of galactic structure
    - cosmological structure

    You might find more topics in the wikipedia article:

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