If Earths atmosphere were thicker?

  1. What would Earth be like if the atmosphere was twice as thick at 2 bar? How would it affect the daily and seasonal variation in temperature and weather? How would it have affected life in general and if we grew up in this environment how would we be different?
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  3. Evo

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    You are asking for nothing but speculation and wild guesses, that is not what this forum is for.
  4. Astronuc

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    Double the pressure would imply roughly a doubling of the air density, so one can take the basic meterological equations/models and increase the air density. If one has a fluid, and one doubles the density, what does that do to the energy and momentum?

    People do model such affects, e.g., particularly with respect to other planets.
  5. Evo

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    Unfortunately he is asking for speculation about earth. :smile: This was supposed to have been closed, my mouse is dying and doing weird things.
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