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If photons have no mass,why would black holes attract light?

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    If photons have no mass, why would black holes attract light?
    I was told that photons have no mass. However I thought that black holes are called "black" because no light can go escape the gravity force in their vicinity. I somehow think that, if light is just photons, then it should not be affected by gravity. Hence black holes could catch everything but light.

    Do I miss something? Is light more than a bunch of photons? Or maybe black holes are not exactly what I think.
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    Mass is not necessary to be attracted. The trajectory is independent from mass (both in classical mechanics and relativity).
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    What makes a black hole to attract any body ? Gravitational force and it depends on mass
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    What you missed is reading our Relativity FAQ on this entry:


    This question has been asked many times and it is sufficiently addressed at the simplest level in that entry.

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    What ZapperZ said. This thread is closed.
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