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If spinfoam incorporated unbroken SUSY formalism, would SUSY

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    necessarily appear in the semiclassical limit? Since LQG starts with the field equations of Einstein-Cartan, and quantizes canonically, but is unable to recover the semi-classical limit to date, would quantizing SUGRA or adding unbroken SUSY to spinfoam necessarily imply SUSY (broken or unbroken) in the semi-classical limit?
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    The thing about supersymmetry is that it has to be broken somewhere above the weak scale, since we don't see hide nor hair of the superpartners. This would apply just as much to any gravity theory as it does in trying to derive the standard model from superstrings.
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    Robert Oeckl's paper http://arxiv.org/abs/hep-th/0110259 incorporates SUSY into spin foam, but states he will investigate semiclassical issues later.

    WOuld there be a reason SUSY might help LQG spin foam reach the goal of good semiclassical low energy limit? Since SUSY-breaking scenarios involving hidden messenger particles and additional hidden fields and positing R-parity, none of which affected Big Bang nucleosynthesis, seem unphysical, could spin foam dynamics be such that spin foam incorporates SUSY, then breaks it (at the planck scale).
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