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If the Boson Higgs Boson only exists for >.< long

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    If the Boson Higgs Boson, only exists for a millionth, of a millionth, of a millionth, of a millionth of a millionth, of a millionth, of a millionth, of a second - or even lessera....

    And all matter has mass because of it...

    According to my wall clock, this means that several billion, trillion, zillion, gwillion, pillion, quillion light year parsec cubits ago - we and all eternity all flashed into existance for a mere spec of instantanity, and then it has ceased to exist.

    I'd like someone to explain how something that lasts for nothing and basically doesn't exist.....

    Means we exist for far longer than that.

    Spinning a bit smartera than that - does the Bosun Higgs Bosun only exist as a particle, in an independent form, for almost almost nothing in time, when it is actually split out of an atom or a fraction of the nucleus?

    When in what it came from, ought it to exist almost forever?
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    I believe it is the higgs field that causes matter to have mass, not the boson itself.

    The age of the universe is believed to be 13.6 billion years or so. It is unknown if we "flashed" into existence or if something else happened, as we cannot look back further than about 300,000 years after the start of the universe.

    The higgs boson does not come from the nucleus of an atom, only from high energy interactions between certain particles.
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