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If you diged so deep into the earth

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    ...until you reached the core, what would happen? Would you have created a new volcano? or...
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    Chi Meson

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    Oh my goodness. Where do we start?

    I can assure you your little shovel will have melted before you reach the core.

    Here's a place to start.
    http://www.mhhe.com/physsci/astronomy/arny/student/webtutor/earth_core/index.htm [Broken]
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    If you got a "very expensive" shovel and a "very expensive" body suit that didn't melt, nor' did you die in the process.

    Here's a thought -> What is the very definition of a volcano? If you did create a tunnel to the center of the earth, would it create the definition of a "volcano"?

    *EXAMPLE* Let's say the very definition of a Volcano is that it has to shoot out lava/magma (This isn't the definition by the way). If you created such a tunnel, would there be pressure to shoot out lava or would it just flow out?
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    You wouldn't need to go to the core to find magma. Resevoirs of magma are usually fairly close to the earth's surface.
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    Now, how would you keep your hole from continuously filling back in? If you thought OSHA got in a tizzy about proper supports if your hole gets larger than waist-deep, just wait until they hear about plans to dig to the center of the Earth! :rofl:
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    This is what happens when you dig too deep.:cool:

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    Consider that the earths crust is eggshell thin in comparison to the earths radius. It is impossible to dig a hole beyond the crust simply because the mantle is not solid, how do you dig a hole in liquid?

    It seems like it would be possible to open a path for magma to flow to the crust. It is not clear to me how wide a hole would have to be for this to happen. While the mantle is liquid it is very viscious so would not flow through just any hole.
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    If you and your little shovel were to dig a hole that deep, the only thing you'd have in greater excess than hot rock would be spare time.
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    Start digging and find out!


    Just kidding.
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    Some misconceptions here, the mantle is thought to be solid but parts are elastic.


    But you really get in trouble when you hit the outer core.


    The liquid iron would be forced up, while the pressure is released whilst you float on liquid iron, you will go up too, until you bump your head against the plastic astenosphere, which started to fill up your hole.

    Source: http://www.enchantedlearning.com/subjects/astronomy/planets/earth/Inside.shtml
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