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If you do nothing but study for a single day

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    How many chapters of a textbook can you go through? And please list concrete examples and the name of the textbook (even if you only did it once). I'm just curious.

    I can do 1 chapter of a college textbook per day (without doing exercises).

    But it's difficult for my attention span. I've done it by reading the entire chapter and highlighting a lot of phrases (1 chapter per day for Zumdahl) but was too darn tired to really do any exercises (though I probably could have done them if I had more self-efficacy). Then my attention span expires and I go forum or something. Still, at least it was good enough for a 790 on the SAT II Chemistry.

    I'm doing it again for another textbook now. Ugh, same process once again...
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    Depends what subject I'm studying. I'm currently completing my undergraduate degree in astrophysics, and certainly with the more mathematical areas of the course I find that the only way I can learn is do tackle problems. Theory is learned along with the problems, and once I understand all the basics of the course from the given problem sheets I'll start to tackle textbook work.

    I've recently revisited my calculus textbook to refresh some old knowledge - in a single very productive day, I can cover about half of a 10 lecture course.
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    :uhh: highlighting a textbook & skipping the exercises doesn't count as studying. if it did, i think i could "study" at least a couple entire textbooks in a 24hr period, if i did nothing else.
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    Is it just me but are different textbooks different difficulties and different chapter, section, part, whatever, length?
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    For me it depends mainly on how familiar I'm with the subject. If we covered it in class, then I'll be pretty fast.
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    I can watch 9-10 documentaries in one day.
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