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If you think flying squirrels are cool

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    yeah, heard of it, seen the vids. also saw a doc on a few days ago about base jumpers. seems they've got a fairly high death rate because they can never get enough. once something becomes routine, they've got to push the envelope just a little more to take a once relatively safe jump and make it adrenaline-producing again. so they start flying closer and closer to obstacles, until one day, an unexpected gust of wind sends them crashing into a cliff.

    looks fun, but i like my crashes a little more controlled.
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    I think it is one of the worst ideas in the history of bad ideas.
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    Chi Meson

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    What a total wuss! Those guys used parachutes!
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    I’ve seen it before and each time I see it I think of trying one of them, the thrill would be great.
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    What weenies!
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    My next-door neighbor in college talked me into technical rock climbing because he had a project to finish for the AMC (a climbing guide) and his climbing buddies had graduated. I have never been one for heights (unless I have good footing under me), so traversing cracks on a granite face was pretty *exciting* to say the least. Between getting dive-bombed by an overprotective mama hawk and trying to avoid the poison ivy, there was plenty of entertainment to distract me from the raw fear of being about 200-300 feet up on a near-vertical granite face. Les told me that the foliage was "Boston Ivy". I convinced him to chimney up a crack to get us home ASAP and bought some Fels Naphtha soap. The next morning, I wandered over to his place. His wife let me in and let me visit Les. All swollen up, eyes too see clearly, and in great distress.
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