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Illustration about dynamical system

  1. Jun 12, 2008 #1
    HI to all.

    I want to draw many illustrations like the attach file.

    can you tell me some? and use what software?


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    The attached picture looks like it was made by an artist. You could do this with the program inkscape:


    If you are looking for something more like computer programming then I suggest Mathematica.


    I do not know any free software to make those diagrams by programming, so I too will watch this thread for that kind of solution.
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    it can be drawn by Mathematica. there is not exact function or equation. just a sketch map. i will try the inkscape
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    You might want to try LatexDraw, Ipe among many open source drawing programs. Ipe is having a problem with Miktex 2.7 So everybody is waiting for the new version. If you are happy without text then go for Ipe.
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