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I'm already clueless about simple algebra word problems. Dreams = *POOF*

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    I'll read the instructions, do the example problems, read over them, and then do the word problems:

    *Stare at book for 40 mins*
    *Blank face... hmm nothing comes up...*
    *day dream*
    *try to refocus, but no light bulbs at all*
    *Take a nap*

    Ughs, so much for that dream career. Grade 11 math, already struggling, so hopeless.
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    Go outside and sit down in a quiet part of your garden. Stay there for a while. Afterwards you will be focused.
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    The stare and hope method rarely works. Just start jotting something down, it could be anything, maybe rewrite the question, say it out loud, ask your teacher, or post it here.
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    Going there for help doesn't mean you copy the answers from your friend— you try and figure out the problem with the help of somebody else that already knows how to do it.
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    Are you reading it like a newspaper or reading it like a textbook?
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    Is this a trick question?
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    Why would it be a trick question?
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    I think it only matters how many problems you solve.

    For word problems, I can suggest to look:
    1) what you want
    2) what is given
    3) what you know

    But, it's just the practice that make you good.
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    Raizy, have you thoroughly understood all of the example problems?
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    Yeah, but then I have trouble applying it to different types of word problems. I can't seem to manipulate numbers on my own.

    I.e. The examples would show me how to solve two types of word problems (I try to do them myself before looking at the steps), but then when I need to solve a word problem that's even just slightly different from the example questions, I get stuck.
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