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Im an EE looking to for speciality and combination advise

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Im right now entering my third year in Electrical Engineering and i've grown some interest in the area of Power Engineering. For me it's intriguing to know what's behind designing the wiring of a house or a commercial building and how all of the distribution works. Not only in buildings but in Aircraft and other means of transportation. My secondary option for speciality is Control Systems cause i find robotics quite an interesting field.

Here lies a small problem, im thinking of going for a second BS in either Civil or Mechanical Engineering because i want to be able to get out in the field more often and travel alot. Like for example, in the case of designing the electrical system of a house, i want to be able to take part in the design of the house in addition to the electrical layout.

I was able to make some estimations in how much time it would be take me to complete a second degree and in both cases it would take from 2 to 2.5 years. I've considered the MS option of civil or mech and taking the deficiency courses but something in me is quite unsure of that.

Any type of advise is very much appreciated. :)
i just hope this isn't a sign that i don't like EE.
anything? :(
Any field work required as part of the job would be on the job training. In any developed country there should be laws requiring that workers have the appropriate training for any work with must be carried out outside of the office.

Typically projects like buildings and air-crafts typically have a large number of engineers involved. I don't see the possibility that they will have one engineer who is a civil design engineer one day and the next the electrical design engineer.

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