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Studying Advice on Future-Technology Engineering

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    Hi, I am currently an undergrad student exploring different fields of engineering. I find that there are so many fields to choose from, it is as much astonishing as it is bewildering. What I would like to do is work on building the technologies of the future. Specifically, I am interested in designing and creating gadgets that have never been made before. Such as, a gadget that would enable a human being to have an exoskeleton of protection or a gadget enabling a human being to fly. I understand these types of creations may not become a thing reality for a long time, but I long to be on the leading edge of their upbringing. If someone could please advise me on the best types of engineering to study to prepare for entry into this line of work, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you,
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    Well most "gadgets" are produced by teams of engineers from different disciplines within the field. So rather than focus on the end product, perhaps spend some time thinking about the types of problems you like to work on, and the kinds of skills that you want to foster in yourself.
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    Thank you for the response, I will keep that in mind.
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    Sounds like a combination of ME and EE, for the most part. What kinds of projects have you built so far? By mid-undergrad, I'd built a 2-D laser scanner (for laser light shows driven by music), a small laboratory power supply, a digital clock with a nice case, and a couple other little odds and ends. Building projects is fun, and helps you learn to ask the right questions in your studies, IMO.



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