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I'm gonna make $100,000 for doing nothing

  1. Jun 25, 2006 #1
    I'm gonna make $100,000 for doing nothing!!

    so i just got offered a job at my company where i have been an intern at for the past 2 years. with the offer comes 3500 shares of company stock. right now the stock is at $20 a share, however, when the FDA approves our drug in November (we are 95% sure it will get through), our stock is projected to go up to $60. I got in at just the right time. Oh man i am going to be the only 23 year old that I know that has a new house completely paid off--with cash!!!:biggrin: :biggrin:
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    wow that's alot.

    Stock is dangeous but someitmes starnge.
    Me and my great grandfather invested in a company that went out bussiness the next month. A year later My great grandfather told me it went it up. He said when it hits a 1$(or maybe $5) he's going to give 5,000
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    I'm sure you've earned that money one way or another, or so i'd like to think. Some suffering in the past perhaps, there must be something.
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    Are these actually shares of stock, or stock options, which you have a guaranteed price to buy, but you have to wait (usually 5 years) for them to vest?

    I was going to be able to put the evo child through school too, with 27,000 stock options AT&T gave me, then the stock dropped and I could never excersize the options.
  6. Jun 25, 2006 #5
    [whisper] be irresponsible and buy a ferrari [/whisper]
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    my grandma got into stock market about 10 years ago, hoping to become a millionaire, today, from whole 5000, she's got 2500 still with chances to be as rich as Billo Gates.
  8. Jun 25, 2006 #7

    it is stock
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    Then cash it in the minute it hits the rate you're expecting.
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    Sounds like a good sales pitch
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    The good thing is that it's not costing him anything and he only stands to profit if the predictions come true. He's not being asked to buy stock. I've known people to make huge amounts of money on offers like this.

    gravenewworld, you have to promise to buy me a dark chocolate bar of at least 12 oz if this happens because I believed you. :smile:
  12. Jun 25, 2006 #11
    [whisper]motorcycle, ferrari, corvette, porsche, ferrari [/whisper]
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    [whisper]ROADRUNNER REBUILD FUND[/whisper]
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    That's kind of unfortunate, graven. Speaking as someone who has worked in Silicon Valley real hard at a startup and done pretty well (not quite enough to retire on, but enough for the family to be comfortable on and to put the kids through whatever schools they are up for), you should not brag at doing nothing and getting good stock option offerings. The whole stock offering for extraordinary performance thing is in jeapordy at the moment thanks to shortsighted legislation, and your post doesn't help at all. Hopefully you are a hotshot who was hired at a startup based on your extraordinary future promise, and not a freeloader who got in lucky because of a relative or something. I know we have very high hiring standards in our R&D Lab, even though we are a few years past our startup phase....
  15. Jun 26, 2006 #14
    Yeah, a similar thing happened with my wife. About a year after we started dating, she scored a really high-paying job and now I'm on easy street (left off of Monroe). The best part is that the money keeps coming. I haven't had to work a day all weekend.
  16. Jun 26, 2006 #15


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    Lend us a fiver :tongue:

    Congrats on your windfall!

    Of course, when I won the lottery it didn't change my life...

    ...Much!!! :biggrin:
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    Watch out for capital gains tax! That could take a bite out of that cash. In my area of the country, houses cost way more than $100K.
  18. Jun 26, 2006 #17


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    The best laid plans of mice and men...

    Good luck with your free money.
  19. Jun 26, 2006 #18

    Chi Meson

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    I was just gonna say...
    "what a dinky house!" or something:biggrin:
  20. Jun 26, 2006 #19
    You may want to think about closing you position in the near future, the market is due for a real shakeout in the next quarter.
  21. Jun 26, 2006 #20
    I'm also getting $100,000... but it's not for "nothing." I literally had blood, sweat, and tears (not to mention a lot of broken bones) for this one.

    Anyway, congrats. :)
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