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Im in love with my maths teacher

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    I hate to say it but unfortunately I love my Maths teacher. She is very hot, intelligent and cultured. We went for a meal yesterday and I had a great time. Unfortunately she's married and there's no way in hell she loves me. It wouldnt be so bad if my lessons with her weren't to end in a few weeks when school ends, which SUCKS becasue I wont see her again. I didnt think I would fall in love with a person again after a recent interest in "something" but I have. What a horrible feeling :frown: :frown: :mad:

    sorry for the thread but i need some sort of release. perhaps someone has been in a similar position before.
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    Haha, if this will make you permanently interested in math, it's not such a tragedy at all. :tongue:

    Well, all of us have been in love with someone older at least once in our life. It's something you have to go through. You know what they say about forbidden fruit.. :wink:
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    Take a picture of her and upload it. I want to see what your definition of 'hot' is.
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    are you sure it's her and not the maths that got you horny?
    sometimes maths does it to people.
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    Maybe if your a weirdo.
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    It could be worse you know. What if she was very cold, stupid and boorish? Take my word for it, you get over it. Sort of.
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    Try to solve one of the Millennium problems; that ought to take your mind off of her. :wink:
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    (Van Halen - Hot For Teacher) [audio sync problems, however]
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    Well, when one is in love, it frequently happens that cold, stupid and boorish persons turn into hot, intelligent and cultured ones. :tongue:
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    So my wife tells me.
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    maybe, it depends on your definition of a weirdo.
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    Actually I am applying for a maths course. Unfortunately it's unrelated to her though, although she is inspiring with her knowledge + teaching.

    Well..... I dont think I can upload any pictures (i dont have any and i dont think she would like it) but she wears glasses and has the best most intelligent face ever.

    :confused: :confused:

    yeah i got over someone else a year or so ago, but i was never as close to her as i am to my teacher. i feel as if she werent married we might have something. YES i know that probably sounds laughably unrealistic. but the worst part is not seeing or talking to her again.
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    Btw, reminds me of Linus and Miss Othmar. :smile:
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    Somone that gets a stiffy off of math. :rofl:
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    ..and perhaps uses women as desks and studies on them.
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    LOL!! All my Elementary teachers were elderly ladies that had been teaching for decades (think Calvin and Hobbes, here!). When I got into HS, the business/clerical teacher was an absolute hottie, maybe 5'4 in heels, so I took typing as an elective along with two of my friends who shared my "interests". As it turned out, she had enough electric typewriters for the girls and we 3 boys had to learn on old Royal manuals. We routinely took top spots in the speed drills, though, and touch-typing saved me a PILE of money/time in college when the profs specified typed output.

    Then in college, I went through another "Miss Othmar" period with my Creative Writing Prof - a PhD. She was cute, smart, perceptive and very friendly, but her husband (an Asst. Prof.) happened to be my academic adviser and a pretty good friend/resource who seemed to be able to get me into any course I wanted, even if enrollment was closed. Luckily, there were lots of co-eds to pursue instead.

    The female teachers who get in trouble messing around with 14-15 YO boys ought to pursue advanced degrees and teach in college. They could still lose their jobs for fraternization, but they wouldn't be doing hard time! :biggrin:
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    Heh, I had a rather attractive math teacher back in tenth grade. I believe the class was Algebra II.

    Anyway, just be happy you've fallen for math instead of physics. There are actually quite a few attractive women in mathematics (at least there were in the math department at my college). In physics, the ratio is...well, lower. I remember first noticing this in my experimental physics class. I always used to sit in the front, but one afternoon I decided to turn around, and to my great surprise, it was all dudes. If you're looking for women, stick with math.

    It became painfully obvious later when some of us in the physics club actually became desperate enough and started searching the Internet for hot physicists.
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    Hilarious. Once I had this really hot psychology prof. for intro to psych who was fresh out of PhD school. I was a senior when I took her class and after I graduated, that summer, I saw her out in the bars and she was obviously drunk. She saw me and we talked for a little while and then she kissed me. It is awesome that you can tell everyone that you made out with your hot prof.
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    :rofl: :rofl:
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    How old are you?
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