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I'm Just thinking -- I'm very interested in doing something with sports medicine

  1. Jan 23, 2016 #1
    Hey I'm a grade 9 student and I'm very interested in doing something with sports medicine. I don't know what I want to do for sure yet but I'm thinking about becoming a physiotherapist. I not a very high grade scorer my grades are at a average but some are a bit over. What grade percent would I need to get? What other things can I be that has something to do with sports medicine? And what classes should I take in high school?
    What university or collage should I think of going to I want to be somewhere closer to home I live in Calgary.
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    Welcome to the PF.

    Are you involved in your school's sports programs? If you were involved as a player or assistant, you will be exposed a bit to the trainers and sports medicine. Have you taken a First Aid & CPR class yet? That's also a good way to start to get involved in the health field. Have you taken biology & chemistry yet in school? :smile:
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    In Canada physiotherapy has moved towards a professional MSc program. That means that if that's what you want to do, you'll need to do an undergraduate degree first. The specific degree doesn't matter, so much as you obtain the prerequisite courses and these you can look up on the school's website. For example, check out the physical therapy admissions at the University of Alberta.

    Admissions are competitive, so you'll have to figure out how to pull your marks up. The good news is that you'll have lots of time to do that, but it's best to start be developing good study habits now. Ask your teachers for suggestions on how to improve your grades currently.
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