1. E

    Job Skills Medical physics: additional training

    I've been working as a medical physics expert (still not really an expert, I have the EU to thank for the name) for more than a year now and I have just finished all the relevant academic training and internships. However, I like to learn new things, be it in the hospital or the university. So I...
  2. Ygggdrasil

    Medical Bacteriophage treats antibiotic-resistant bacterial infection

    Bacteriophages, viruses that infect bacteria, have long interested scientists as a potential therapy for bacterial infections. Today, in the journal Nature Medicine, scientists report the first clinical use of genetically-engineered bacteriophages to treat an antibiotic-resistant bacterial...
  3. Savian

    Courses Is there a calculus requirement in Europe for Biophysics?

    I saw the roadmap of my university of and there is no calculus for biophysics, as soon as there is no calculus for medicine, as for example there is in the US. My question is if there is calculus for biophysics in Europe and in the US. Adendum: there is only calculus in Brazil for medicine in...
  4. S

    Thanks for the opportunity

    Hello All, The purpose of my joining the Physics Forums is to request advise on the necessity of agile collaboration among technology, law and medicine to promote common good. I started out as an electronics/computer professional, work experiences certifying wired/wireless products and...
  5. T

    Studying Am I supposed to understand everything in a formula?

    When studying equations, formulas, laws - am I supposed to understand each bit of information ? For example, let's take Fick's law: So I can memorize the law and I can tell with words what is "t", what is "x", what is "D", and so on, but I don't truly understand why is one divided with the...
  6. T

    Medical What are some reliable open resources to learn about health?

    Finding authentic resources online is pretty difficult for a starter. There are some websites that come up frequently on search engines; 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. My questions are mostly cause-and-effect ones. I...
  7. Marco Masi

    Medical Major breakthroughs of medicine in the last 20 years?

    We hear so often of the great advances of medicine. Every day one reads of breakthroughs in research in the news. But then I never hear of it again. I'm not a doctor or biologist, but am wondering what are the important discoveries ***and which had practical applications*** of the last 20 years...
  8. Labilana

    Engineering Can I handle Medical Physics as an Engineer?

    Hello everyone! I just finished my Chemical Engineering bachelors degree and after my study I developed a strong interest in nanomedicine, but because I would really like to be in direct contact with medicine and make an impact on people's lives, I'm seriously considering to continue my masters...
  9. Oganesson

    Programs I have a degree in Medicine and want to study Biophysics?

    Is it necessary to have a Physics or Biology degree in order to pursue a Masters in Biophysics ?
  10. N

    Other Re; Nanomedical enteurpreneur

    I am currently doing a diploma of bio science i want to be a doctor and then research and start a nanomedical company , dealing with drug delivery systems, i want to know how to do such a thing
  11. G

    Engineering Biomedical engineering prospects?

    Hey everyone. A friend of mine has recently finished high school and is unsure of whether she wants to pursue medicine or biomed engineering. She tells me that she's equally interested in both. However, she's currently inclined towards medicine, mainly because she has been told by certain people...
  12. S

    Astronomy vs Medicine HELP!!!!!!!

    Hello all! I am currently a freshman (just finished my first semester) and I need to choose a career path. I have had a burning love and passion for Astronomy/Astrophysics from a very young age but I hear that the job market for Astro Ph.D's is complete and utter dang (pardon my French). I grew...
  13. Y

    Should I pursue medical physics?

    Hello, new to the forum. I am currently in high school taking a full load of college classes through dual enrollment. I will graduate high school with an Associates of Science degree. I really enjoy math. It has always been my favorite subject. At the moment I am in Calculus 1 and it isn't so...
  14. R

    Is Medicine harder than STEM?

    Hello all, this isn't meant to be a scientific post, just a conversation. I was wondering what people think, in their opinion. As a former premed I run across a huge amount of medical students and hopefuls who looked down on other professions including STEM Ph.Ds (yes, I didn't make that up) Of...
  15. R

    Hello! Is anyone having a good time?

    Hi! Nice to meet you all! Like you guys, I am also fond of reading science articles and brainstorming for better ideas that can help us in the future! No, I am not a genius or whatsoever however Like I said I am just here to enjoy reading physics and science stuff and make friends and We might...
  16. S

    Engineering Nursing student- wants to work in biomedical engineering

    I have grown up planning on going into engineering. I loveeee science and math! However, once I became a mom I decided that an engineering career might be harder to start with a child. So, I decided to go to school for nursing since medical sciences really interest me and the schedule is really...
  17. Domenico94

    Machine learning and NMR

    Hi everyone. By reading stuff on the Internet, I found many times the correlation between machine learning and NMR, or, better, algorithms that are implemented for that kind of technology( The same goes for PET, or CT scans. The thing I want to ask is, how much do you think that the two things...
  18. L

    Pharmacophore and polarity of aspirin and ibuprofen?

    1. Homework Statement I need to know the pharmacophore of aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) and ibuprofen. There is a task where I have to compare these two drugs' structure, synthesis, mechanism of action and side effects. Specifically, it says to include, "The chemical structure of the drug...
  19. Domenico94

    Nuclear magnetic resonance

    Hi everyone. I'm just looking for an online description of the nuclear magnetic resonance machine, with explanations of all components, and their physical principles...anyone can help me? Giving me any link to a website talking about it? In addiction, could be this be a valid topic for a...
  20. A

    Medical Telling the Doctor you Smoke Weed

    If you tell your doctor that you smoke weed or other drugs, will he tell the police? What charges can you face? I tried to do some research, but I could not find a reliable source. If you are a specialist on this subject, please state so and indicate where you live.
  21. A

    Superstitions in Relations

    Hi everyone. I tried searching this up, but I could not come with anything conclusive. I was reading a medical ethics book that leaves this question as "food for thought": You live with your stepmother. You study medicine. You work very hard in the library, go to your classes and take air...
  22. P

    Programs Alternative master's degree with a bachelor in physics

    I'm in my second year of my physics bachelor's (in the Netherlands) and my average score is about an 8.5. I like physics, but... I've already realized that an academic career in physics is not at all what i want to persue. (eg. no theoretical physics/experimental physics in a lab). Basically...
  23. J

    Advice for Incoming Undergrad On Post-Baccalaureate Optionality

    Hi all! I'm trying to decide between Smith, Wellesley, and Wesleyan. I'm interested in their neuroscience programs, and have heard great things about all of them. However, quite a few factors are at play here: FA, Post-doc optionality if I want to do med school (not sure about career path yet)...
  24. G

    Physics Jobs in the medical field for physicists?

    I am studying a physics major and I was wondering if anyone had an idea if its possible to work in the medical field with a degree in physics?