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Homework Help: I'm looking for a replacement textbook for the one given to me in class

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    I'm in AP Physics right now (currently studying energy - not sure what category that falls into. Mechanics?) and I've found my textbook to be less helpful than what I thought it would be. So I'm considering investing in a new one that I could get off ebay/amazon, and the price really doesn't matter so long as it isn't extensive.

    Any ideas? (And remember, this is a High School/AP course so Calculus IS involved, like basic derivatives/integrals.)
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    When I was in highschool I bought the Princeton Review's book designed for the Calculus based AP Physics test and did good (4 on Mechanics, 5 on E&M and my class wasn't geared toward the calc based Physics tests, only the non-calc based). It does a good job of explaining things and has a lot of practice problems.
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    What is the book that you are currently using?
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