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I'm looking for some cold propulsion possibilities

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    I am coming up with a new wing suit that combines soaring with jet pack propulsion in such a way that even valley dwellers can fly, and possibly commute in this fassion. I fear compressed gas alone will not have enough thrust for long enough.
    One concept to think of is to charge a liquid/gas substance negatively, and have the repulsion of the electrons become propulsion for the aircraft (person), but how can that charge be contained without shocking the container....?
    I am hesitant to try heat based propulsion because there will be no heat protection.
    Help would be much appreciated ;)
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    @#2 yes! Thank you!
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    The thrust of an ion thruster is, I believe at the current state of the technology, far far too low for low altitude sustained flight for a payload of 200 lbs.
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    Compressed gas would require a thick-walled (relatively speaking) storage tank, which would defeat the purpose of propulsion.

    It is impractical to storage charge.

    Ion thrusters produce low thrust.

    One must look at thrust to weight/mass ratios for appropriate technology.

    A more practical approach would be along the lines of the Jet Man, Yves Rossy.

    A wing suit is usually for gliding, or rather falling more slowly than without a wingsuit. Their is insufficient lift in a wingsuit to make it practical for long distance travel.
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