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Im thinking about building a cyclometer

  1. Aug 21, 2006 #1
    Should i be able to replace those large stationary "dee" magnets with electromagntes? (or would that be a grand misuse of the powersupply, as i know i will need to supply an ample amount to the electron gun, and the current which i need to accelerate the particles, rather than simply keep them suspended.) Also, about how far apart should the magnets be, and what strength would be resonable for a project by a student without too much pocket money. I will probably use ferrite magnets as opposed to rare earth- or electromagnets, so if you have any pertinent calculations let me know the outcomes.

    I would like any help i can get, if anyone on these forums has any suggestions (positive ones) let me know.

    edit, also please let me know if you have any idea of a basic schematics for such an accelerator ( i believe i should have a vaccum between two permenant magnets, and somehow i should push an ooscilating current (calculated by the cyclometer eq) through the center. Though i am not sure how to get the calculated current (I mean how to physically Create it) and i am not sure where the electron gun should be positioned to enable the electrons to properly enter (the center is obvious, though i do not know how i will fit it in the center when the whole center should be occupied by a vaccumed glass container (or should I have the gun in the center of this container, just arbitrarily shooting electrons out at a speed which may very-much be untameable by my magnets?) Perhaps a modern electron gun could do a better job of accelerating these electrons than my cyclometer,and i shoucl simply remove any means of initial acceleration, and just create some basal electron grouping in the center by some other means (thermionic emission i suppose?)
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