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I'm trying to configure a NRF905 transceiver

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    Im currently in my last year in a EE program and Im helping a professor with research

    My task is connecting a NRF905 transceiver with a 10bit ADC and relaying this information wirelessly. The transceiver will receive the information from the ADC in SPI format.

    Can someone give me some clues as to how to get started? I dont want to ask the professor yet directly.

    here is the datasheet for the transceiver and the PIC:

    transceiver: http://mobiledevices.kom.aau.dk/fileadmin/mobiledevices/opensensor/literature/NRF905_data_sheet.pdf

    ADC(PIC18F23K20): http://ww1.microchip.com/downloads/en/DeviceDoc/41303G.pdf
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    Will you be designing and building a PCB for this?
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    I dont think so. I just need the devices to work properly
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