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Image not being displayed

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    Drizzle, Monique, and I were not able to view Lisa!'s image, on our first attempt.

    After I quoted her image, it rendered without a problem.

    Monique says she was able to see the image after refreshing the page.

    I don't see an obvious coding problem, except for possibly the {CENTER][/CENTER} misplacement.


    Is it just us?
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    There appears to be a problem with the site hosting the picture, I can't even get that url to load when I paste it into my browser.
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    Not loading in Firefox...
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    hmmm.... Perhaps Monique and I broke through during the correct moment, and the images are cached.

    ps. Why is Lisa! posting pictures from Iran?

    checks out Lisa!'s "about me" tab:

    Lisa! Sho macha tori! :smile:
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    I had a similar problem with Tinypic some time ago and figured it was their site that couldn't handle the packet size being received.

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