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Imagine you were spinning in space

  1. Feb 19, 2015 #1
    You are the only object in space. Nothing else:

    If you spin around really really fast, like 500rpm or whatever, would you be able to tell that you were in fact spinning around your self? There's no ebjects around you to relate to. But would you feel a G force, like with blood rushing to your head?
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    Rotational frames are non-inertial, so yes, you don't need any reference frame other than yours to tell that you are spinning.
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    yes, consider a blood molecule in your foot, as you spin it wants to maintain its velocity and go straight tangetial to the circle , but the normal force of the wall of your vein keeps it spinning. but a blood molecule in your knees would be forced to your feet until it found a contact force to keep it spinning,

    this sounds fun I might decide to be irresponsile and waste some time figuring out what rpm would be needed for blood not to be pushed in from your extremities.

    ok thats a hell of a problem, no time, but yes I believe youd feel it even at constant rotational velocity
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