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IMO and Undergrad conflictions

  1. Sep 13, 2013 #1
    Hello, I was not sure quite where to post this but settles on here. I am a 15 year old and I am having an issue. I desperately want to train for the IMO and I know what material I need to cover and then ill do past problems and so forth. The books I intend to use to learn the material are G H Hardy for number theory, "a course in combinatorics" and some more. Are those appropriate?

    However, I also want to carry on learning undergraduate material like ODE, analysis and linear algebra etc. will I be able to do both of these? I can work very long and I intend to.

    There is one lost query. It has been a lifelong dream to go to trinity college cambridge an I can't imagine not going there. This causes a lot of stress because I know I have to prove myself to get in. It is not the reason for me to et to IMO, that's because I like maths, but I know it COULD be a decider. I also want to go to IOI. Will it be possible for me to train for both of these and learn undergrad material as well? How do I deal with the stress issue and the anxiety of not getting into cambridge?

    Note: I know I can easily get 3 A* at a level and get S, S on STEP as I have done so consistently on papers as am taking it in winter. Also, please don't tell me to stop looking so far ahead. I just want to get on with what I love doing. The reason I am having these issue is apparently because of my aspergers so please don't comment in sarcastic or unhelpful ways.
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    Just do your best, what more can one say?
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    Sorry, I should have given a more complete answer. I think you could definitely learn different topics at the same time. Sometimes it helps to have variety. Although you may find that you prefer to learn one thing at a time.

    I can't say much about getting into Cambridge or not, except to say that you shouldn't get too hung up about it. Anything can happen between now and then, you might even find that you decide you don't want to go there.
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    Thank you, I thin ill start off with one topic and then try adding some other topics in. In terms of cambridge, I can understand what you are saying but i am very unlikely to change my mind.
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