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Impact generated by a futsal ball vs. basketball ball at a wall

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    Would anyone only help me to compare the impact or damage of a Futsal ball against a wall versus a basketball ball.

    We have a new sport growing in popularity in the USA named Futsal. This sport is very popular worldwide and should soon become a Olympic Sport. In a few words, Futsal is soccer played in a basketball court using a special (Low Bounce) ball.

    The United States have everything to make this sport great, the gym facilities, the taste for fast games like basketball and higher scores then soccer. The greatest difficulty is to prove something that we see in reality, that the damages caused by this sport are minor due to the fact that it uses a special ball.

    I can send you a Futsal ball if you need one to conduct this experiment

    For details about Futsal visit http://www.futsal.org/
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    The ball isn't going to damage a wall. There could be an issue on a basketball court if there were glass windows or glass doors that could be hit by the ball.

    As far a popular sports go in the USA, it's mostly football, baseball, basketball, tennis, golf, and hockey. Soccer isn't that popular here, and although table tennis is popular world wide, it's a niche sport in the USA. In the USA, the advertising money mostly follows the sports I mentioned, and in turn colleges follow these sports, and the USA's best atheletes tend to choose from these sports. Golf isn't really that popular, but there's a lot of money involved, so it gets more television coverage than it normally would. For most colleges, football brings in the most money, so it gets a bit more attention. Basketball is probably next.

    Because the best atheletes focus on mostly football, baseball, and basketball, and some tennis, the USA has never been competitive in sports like soccer or table tennis. Gymnastics is somewhat popular in college and private gyms, but only a few people can make money after college or olympics. Ice skating is mostly private rinks, and again only a few people ever make money from it.
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