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In need of a suggestion [proposal for school science club].

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    So I am attempting to establish a club in my school called "Science and Astronomy Club". I am supposed to write and present a proposal to our Director of the student affairs officer. I am almost done with it. It contained the following pointers: General Summary(overview), Posts(positions), Function and aim(im still working on that), sample session, and our mission statement which brings us to my question..What can be a good and well structured mission statement, any suggestions?
    P.S: i already began with this quote by galileo "Philosophy [nature] is written that great book which ever is before our eyes – I mean the universe – but we cannot understand it if we do not first learn the language and grasp the symbols in which it is written.” I want the statement to show that the club will be beneficial and educational.
    I will be starting another thread for suggestions about activities or suggestions for the club itself.
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    Just a personal preference, but wouldn't start with a quote. Start with a summary of the goals of the club, its mission, and the expected benefits for student life. The official wants to see what tangible benefits your club would produce and wants to ensure that you have a clear mission and methodology to ensure the club makes a meaningful contribution to lives/knowledge of the students who join it.

    I find gobbits are nicer at the end, if anywhere. Or you could include that as the club's mission statement/motto/creed/whatever.
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    Noted. Thank you :)
    Any other suggestions?
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    Is it a university or high school?
    For university you'd probably want to be sure you've thoroughly planned it and have all details worked out about structure (president, treasurer, advisor, etc). Come up with some sort of charter and all that. They tend to like to see that.

    For high school you have a lot more freedom, and they're sometimes more open to seeing passion vs. planning.

    Are you requesting any funds? Have you made any plans on what the club will actually do?

    If you are requesting funds, you'll need to be very specific about what the funds will be spent on. You'll need to advise the officer what dues you'll be collecting, and what those dues will go toward (equipment, trips, etc)
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    High school...and no funds are needed at the moment.
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    You shouldn't have too much of an issue creating the club. Have you identified any of the teachers or staff that you would like to approach to be a sponsor/advisor for the club?

    The function and aim part is the most important part. They don't want everyone creating clubs that basically turn into afterschool hang-out sessions. There needs to be a purpose to the club and a proposed method of sticking to it.

    "Science and Astronomy Club" is somewhat vague...what will you guys do? How will this club be beneficial to people? Why will people want to join? Who will plan the labs/activities/seminars/etc?
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    I see...first, i was told that i do not need to assign an adviser at this stage. As for the function and aim i will be allocating quite some time this weekend to work hard on it. I shall try to add some things that will show the club will not become an afternoon hangout(which i honestly doubt it will) rather a dedicated club.
    Second, only people who would like to learn more about any scientific matter will join. *I shall be the one planning activities... and what would you suggest as a name for the club?
    Thank you for your advice by the way.
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    Do you have an idea how much interest there might be for the club? How big is your high school? Are there any other clubs or groups there already (speech, debate, chess, etc.)? Have you looked for info on other similar clubs at other high schools?

    You might also try looking for some research or reports that show that students who are involved in extra-curricular activities and academeic clubs during high school do better in college or some other similar good metrics. Having some reliable data to suggest that will go a long way in your proposal.
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    Thanks berk :)
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    You should let the charter members decide on the name!
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    Noted. Thanks :)
    I would like to point out that i have started this thread looking for help on writing mission statement and if someone would like to help me write one by providing some simple ideas(as i have said in the original post that i will soon start another thread on suggestions related to the club itself rather than the proposal). But i really do appreciate the advices thank you.
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    So what is your mission?
    Is it to:
    Aid in the appreciation of the night sky for participants by observation.
    Present the history of astronomy, and how the tools used have changed over the course of history.
    Develop an understanding of the scientific principles that astronomers use for the interpretation of data collected.
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    All of the above :D..I just can't find a way to put all of these aims in one coherent, well structured paragraph. I do not want to just list them as they are but insert them in a stylish way that would help improve my proposal.
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    Ok so i did what i did not want to do(list the goals and plagiarizing 256bits' post) :P :
    The Science and Astronomy Club, with full dedication to academics, strives to bring out the theorist in every person. It is a place for all those who appreciate the night sky, who are overwhelmed by the evolution of science throughout history and for those who seek to understand the way of a scientist.
    “Philosophy [nature] is written that great book which ever is before our eyes – I mean the universe – but we cannot understand it if we do not first learn the language and grasp the symbols in which it is written.”
    Any comments/suggestions?
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    You statement is quite nicely done - very impressive.
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    i actually took the phrases you wrote in the previous post and..well..rephrased them :P. So thanks :D
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    Moving on..i am know working on the "Functions and Aim" section..basically, it is where i describe the "practical" activities of the club and future actions that will be taken to further develop the club and keep it strictly professional and educational. The principal likes this section to be concise and to the point..but still well structured and presentable(stylish).
    Any ideas?
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    I am now done with the proposal :D i shall be sending it to the student council tonight.
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    Good luck.
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    Much appreciation 256bits and the rest..thank you for your advices. I might be opening another thread about the club (if it is accepted and founded)
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