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Starting an Astronomy club - looking for tips?

  1. Oct 13, 2012 #1

    As my title suggests, I (twelve years old - not an adult) am starting an astronomy club at my school. I do want to take this rather seriously, and I am interested in accumulating several members. However, my main question in this forum is: What are some good topics to discuss in an Astronomy club. In my middle/high school, there are several people who would be interested, and their ability in physics and astronomy would be highly varied. (Some people may have a small amount of knowledge in physics and astronomy, while others may be piecing together Quantum Physics).

    In other words - I'm looking for topics to discuss in the class that would not be too complex for a person with little background, but not boring for someone who does know everything. The kids at my school are really smart, so they can pick up new ideas fairly fast - but I do not want the club to turn into an astronomy class. I want it to be fun/entertaining. I was thinking that we can probably discuss new discoveries in astronomy-something that would probably new to everyone in the class, but no too difficult to understand. I also planned on having several games/activities to make things even more interesting.

    As for my own knowledge of astronomy - I have no idea. Most of the thing that I learned in Astronomy was self thought through reading and watching various resources. Unlike an astronomy class, where you may learn concepts in an orderly fashion, I know random information from all over the place. (I do have a strong foundation, however). I have a fairly strong foundation in mathematics (learning Calc III right now) and a decent amount of knowledge in Physics (I am taking an AP Physics class that covers a large portion of classical physics.) I am also learning special relativity on my own (not at school).

    I am fairly confident that this level of knowledge is enough - but if there is more that I should know, please inform me. I highly doubt that the club will get into the details of particles under the macroscopic level (quantum physics, quantum field theory, etc.), so I think I should be fine. Also, once again, are there any tips on topics to discuss in this club?

    Thank You.

    P.S., I have an excellent physics teacher to help me with this club. He has
    a wide range of knowledge ranging form classical mechanics to general relativity and
    tensor calculus. So apparently, a lack of information is not a problem.
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  3. Nov 23, 2012 #2
    We have no school clubs in Australia *sad face*, and you seem to have a decent physics teacher for a high school. You could possibly set up excursions to various optical and radio telescopes, read books and discuss, etc. I have no experience with clubs (obviously haha), I hope you create one since they sound so good ! :)
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