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In university lectures, what note-taking software do you use?

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    For keeping with full disclosure - I hope to use this information to determine the need for an idea I've had that would make the lives of maths/physics students easier.

    I have just two questions I hope you can answer...

    What software do you use for taking notes during lectures and tutorials?
    (i.e. Google Docs, Microsoft Word, ...)

    How do you find noting down mathematical formulas using this software?
    (a rating of 1-10 with 10 being really simple and 1 being quite complicated)

    OPTIONAL QUESTION: If you take notes using a pen and a pad, can you explain why and what might cause you to switch over?

    Thanks in advance to everyone who answers!
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    IMO, if you were to record your lecturer's notes for your personal use, writing it down on a paper is much faster than using computer softwares.
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    Use a pen, I prefer a Bic ball point with a grip.
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    I write on paper. I find it much faster.
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    I type faster than I write. So, I use Libre Office or Open Office.

    That said, any chance I get to use my fountain pen, I will.
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