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  1. astroman707

    Other What's your note taking method in physics classes?

    Upon entering my first physics class, I've noticed that taking notes is radically different than in any other class. It seems that during lecture one has two options. Option 1: Don't take very many notes at all, and instead focus on the lecture. Option 2: Take good notes, and miss what the...
  2. M

    In university lectures, what note-taking software do you use?

    Hi For keeping with full disclosure - I hope to use this information to determine the need for an idea I've had that would make the lives of maths/physics students easier. I have just two questions I hope you can answer... What software do you use for taking notes during lectures and...
  3. AngularMomentum

    Presentation about Roger Bacon (rainbows)

    I need to give a presentation about roger bacon (the guy who said that rainbows form at a 42 degree angle). It's hard to find information about his study of rainbows so if anyone knows something about it I'll be grateful.
  4. B

    Learning LaTeX and Note-Taking

    Dear Physics Forum advisers and friends, I am a college junior with major in the mathematics and an aspiring mathematician in the theoretical computer science. Recently, I got very interested in the LaTeX as it seems that it is widely used in the mathematics (research papers, homework, etc.)...
  5. B

    Could you help me about my mathematics note-taking skill?

    Dear Physics Forum friends, I am a rising college junior in US with a major in mathematics. I recently noticed a problem in my note-taking skill in the mathematics, both from the textbooks and lectures. When I was a microbiology major, I wrote extensive amount of notes from my books and...
  6. M

    Self-study graduate QM

    Hello science buddies, This is my first post in this forum. Ok let me get to the point directly, currently I self-study graduate level quantum theory and the main book I'm using is Sakurai's. But I think for self studying it's better to also have a look at lecture notes, first because it's much...