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Inadequite preparation for higher level physics

  1. Jul 11, 2015 #1
    My intro physics sequence was kind of a joke. It used Serway, and the exam questions were easier than the homework from the book most of the time. That's par for the course for my school, but I'll be going to a better one in the spring, and I want to be adequately prepared for the higher level mechanics and E&M courses there.

    I want to study K&K and Purcell, but I don't know of any online video lectures or lecture notes that accompany them. I'll be taking Vector Calculus and Linear Algebra in the fall, and Differential Equations in the spring. I have until Fall 2016 before I take a higher level course, due to the nature of the two schools and when I transfer. When I do, it will be E&M at the level of Griffiths.

    Does my plan sound good, and would any of you have anything to add to supplement the lack of a lecturer in an honors course for those books?
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    Both texts are clear enough to be read without lectures, considering you've already taken intro mech/em courses (which both texts are). Focus more on the problem sets, you probably already have enough background with the concepts that only real benefit you'll see is by doing problems. Good reads, however.

    You can always check your work/reasoning here in the homework help section.
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