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Homework Help: Incident question - historical event with lack of ethics

  1. May 22, 2013 #1
    incident question -- historical event with lack of ethics

    I have to Write a report outlining an historical event in which a lack of ethics has caused the injury or loss of life. You
    should discuss the issues with reference to the Engineers Australia code of ethics.

    i cant find any events !!! an any body help me out ?
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    Do they have to be Australian events or just events where the Aussie ethics code would say something relevant about it? Have you googled "engineering ethics case study"?
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    Try http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/West_Gate_Bridge
    I read about it in a book: Bignell, Victor and Fortune, Joyce (1984). Understanding Systems Failures. Manchester: Manchester University Press. It was a chapter in the book.(web ref http://oro.open.ac.uk/12943/) From memory, one of the firms found at fault (Freeman Fox and Partners) bought up almost all the reports of the enquiry, but one slipped through to a library from which the chapter in the book was written. The whole thing raises a number of ethical issues including the attempt at suppressing the report of enquiry.
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    You can write about the Space Shuttle Challenger which killed 7 people in 1986. In a documentary I watched once, thay said that an engineer had submitted a report, warning about the faulty O-ring but no one called off the launch. I don't know if this is a conspiracy theory or a fact but you don't have anything to lose if you check it out.
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    Asbestos mining.
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    i am thinking of west gate bridge or chernobyl !!!!
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