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Increase in STEM schools - reasons and thoughts

  1. May 19, 2014 #1
    I have been learning a lot about STEM focused schools (sixth form and high school) recently because I have got an offer from a Mathematics specific school myself, in London. I noticed that there are very few in the UK at all. I know that it is a very small country in comparison to the USA but I was wondering why the USA has opened STEM schools over the last few decades. What has caused it?

    Also, do you think we will see an increase in such schools in Europe in the near future? I understand that the British Government is trying to encourage STEM schools and teaching in an attempt to increase the number of people going to university to study engineering and such. Is this happening elsewhere in the world?, or is the UK just in a bad place as far as engineering is concerned? (I know that industry has decreased greatly in the last few decades in the UK and was wondering if that is linked)

    Feel free to express your thoughts on STEM schools also. Do you think they are useful?
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