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Incredibly Difficult Egg Drop Challenge

  1. May 16, 2010 #1
    Okay, I am totally baffled here. For our final project in Algebra we have one class period to build an egg drop carrier. The egg will be dropped from 8 feet, and we have VERY LIMITED materials.
    - 8 Straws
    - 1 6x6 Piece of Thick Paper
    - 3 Tissues
    - 2 ft. of Masking Tape
    Another rule is that we can't really build around the egg, because we have to take it out at the end of the building period. On "drop day" we only get a small piece of tape to close the egg inside the carrier. Now, this project has a bit of a competitive edge for me, because my friend and I would love to get extra credit, and more importantly, we really would like to beat *cue teenage drama* my ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend. My brother and I have tried several designs over the weekend, we tried suspending the egg inside a cube, putting the egg in a paper cone inside a straw-triangle, and just doing some bizarre things with straws. Our building day is tomorrow and any help would really be appreciated. Thanks a lot! :smile:
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    We just got done doing this in physics class. Do the suspended idea with the straws- our egg survived. :D

    Line and stuff the box with those tissues and paper. Then suspend the egg using the straws. Put two straws on the egg itself, to hold the other straws- one vertically around it and one horizontally around it. Then, suspend the actual egg using the straws- wrap them around the other straws attached to the egg. Tape the crap outta it.

    Worked for us. :wink:
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    I did not think about that! But, sadly, we do not get a box and we have to be stingy with our tape :/ Thanks for the advice though!
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    Is there any way to make a parachute? Line the tissues with tape?...
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    Reminds me of this:
    although that has no practical value to the thread
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    Could you use the paper to make a cube? Since it is allegedly thick?

    Or, make an upside down parachute thing- (yeah, it's not really a parachute- that's the only way I could think to describe it) Make a cone with the paper, attach that to the egg with straws, then stuff the cone with tissues and tape, so it falls in the cone and is cushioned.

    8-feet isn't far. We had ours blown out of a cannon at 90 psi. So don't over think this. :P
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    xkcd always has value to everything C: And that is a very interesting idea, I'm just not sure how to go about doing it...
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    Well, welcome to the universal problem of physics- "How the hell do I do that?"

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    Haha, thanks, I truly appreciate the help!
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    Hope everything works well for you!

    Just be creative. :)
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