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Industrial Engineering undegrad to physics Grad

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    Hello everyone,
    I am at my last year in Industrial Engineering. Last summer I decided to go for physics, since I do not like industrial engineering, also I do not want to work as egineer. I thought I do better if I am an academician. For that reason I am taking the Modern Physics course as Not Included to my programme so far. and next semester I will be taking at least 2 more courses. It will depend on my major program because I have to graduate first to get going on my way.

    How diffucult it would be? I know it will be pretty diffucult. Because I did not take much math courses due to IE programme at least, and to be a good physician you have to know math well, very well actually.

    however, how difficult it would be I decided to go that way, otherwise I would be living in hell, I suppose none of you want that. To be honest I want your advises. what courses I should catch up by studying. Which sources would be more useful for me. What should I do to get better and so on.

    to give you a better idea about what I have learned here is my cirriculum: http://www.ie.metu.edu.tr/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=319&Itemid=93

    For the ones who will ask me why to go Industrial Engineering instead of physics: I do not know the answer. those were the hard times for me. even though I wanted physics for a long time I chosed IE(damn me). Anyway past is past, I should look for future now.
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    i REALLY need ur help!
    i'm 16 ... livin' in Tehran and i go to NODET school(national organization for development of exceptional talents) and i'm about to choose my uni. major in the next 2 years!
    and... i' thinkin' about I.E at time.PLZ help me out!!i don't know a lot about it ... i'm afraid of making a wrong decesion!:-S
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    send me private message, I may help you as far as I know :)
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    Do you want to go into physics to get a job in academia, or because you really like physics? Because if your main goal is to work in academia you can do that as an IE.

    But if you really want to go into physics, you should first decide what school you want to go to. An advisor from that department would be a good source of specific information. They may let you enroll in the program before you meet all requirements, with the understanding that you will make up your deficiencies quickly.
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    it's because I like physics. Before starting uni I wanted physics, but I am here.and yes I like it very much. When I am in modern phyics class, I am in like dream tryng to understand concepts, and etc:)
    anyway, think I should do as you said, since they are the ones who accept me to the school.
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